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Indigo Mushrooms Image Indigo Mushrooms Image

Lactarius indigo Fr., Russulaceae

Indigo is the color! Indigo milkcap oozes blue latex when cut. This superior edible has a peppery taste and it turns green when cooked. Delectable in Asian stir-fry recipes or breakfast eggs, or try indigo milkcap as a fabulous topping for pizza or quiche.

The unique color of indigo milkcap may indicate high concentrations of antioxidants in its tissues. Indigo milkcaps are an excellent source of protein, fibre, minerals, and vitamins. Wild edible mushrooms have anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-reducing properties. They enhance the immune system and they assist in reducing blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

We wild-harvest our indigo milkcaps from mid-July through August in northern Saskatchewan.

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