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Honey Mushroom Image Honey Mushroom Image

Armillaria mellea Vahl, Tricholomataceae

Honey Mushrooms appear in bunches after the first rain in the fall. These mushrooms have an extensive mycelium. It's their honey-brown color that gives them their name. They are not sweet! Instead they are bitter when raw and deliciously tasty when sautéed. In Poland, honey mushrooms are considered one of the best edible mushrooms. A traditional Polish recipe uses Honey Mushrooms for the filling of perogies. When dehydrated, they can be rehydrated like any other mushroom, or they can be crushed and used as a spice with meat.

Wild edible mushrooms have anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-reducing properties. They enhance the immune system and they assist in reducing blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

We wild-harvest our honey mushroom in September in the wilderness of Northern Saskatchewan.

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