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Morchella elata Fr., Morchellaceae

Saskatchewan morels are a genuine delicacy of nature. The natural morel is the first mushroom to come up after our long and cold winters, while the burn morel is found after forest fires. Whether recovering from cold winters or forest fires, morel habitats pulsate with vigor and energy in the spring. Morels exhibit a phenomenal vitality, contributing to the revitalization of naturally-renewing ecosystems in Saskatchewan. The aroma of morels is distinctively earthy and their flavor is uniquely superb.

Morels are an excellent source of protein, fibre, minerals, and vitamins. Wild edible mushrooms have anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-reducing properties. They enhance the immune system and they assist in reducing blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

We wild-harvest our morels from mid-May through late-June in northern Saskatchewan.

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