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Highbush Cranberries in Bloom Image Highbush Cranberries Image

Viburnum trilobum Marsh, Caprifoliaceae

Highbush cranberries have a long history as a wild edible and medicinal plant. They grow very juicy, sour, orange to red berries with a heart-shaped, flat seed in the centre. Although raw highbush cranberries have a somewhat unpleasant aroma, they can be eaten fresh and they develop an irresistibly earthy flavor when preserved as sauces, jellies, juices, or ketchup. We recommend trying a rub of highbush cranberry powder on grouse or turkey. Highbush cranberry wine is highly revered as the top among non-grape wines. Or have you ever tried highbush cranberry pie?

Wild highbush cranberries are rich in Vitamin A and C, minerals, and ursolic acid, a compound that's well-known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activities.

We hand-pick our wild-harvested highbush cranberries from late August through October in northern Saskatchewan.

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