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  • Birch Leaf Tisane Birch Leaf Tisane
  • Wild Horseradish Wild Horseradish
  • Indigo Milkcaps Indigo Milkcaps
  • Wild Strawberries Wild Strawberries
  • Wild Rhubarb Wild Rhubarb
  • The Moment Of Awakening The Moment Of Awakening
  • Wild Harvested Dandelion Root Tisane Wild Harvested Dandelion Root Tisane
  • Wildharvested Comb Tooth Wildharvested Comb Tooth
  • Handspun Angora Yarn Handspun Angora Yarn
  • Aurora Borealis Over Maple Trees Aurora Borealis Over Maple Trees
  • Fall Wild Harvest Fall Wild Harvest
  • Wild Mint Wild Mint
  • The Best Gift Ever The Best Gift Ever
  • Nipekamew Sand Cliffs Nipekamew Sand Cliffs
  • Cougar Tracks In Snow Cougar Tracks In Snow
  • Spring Wild Harvest Spring Wild Harvest
  • Wild Harvested Oyster Mushrooms Wild Harvested Oyster Mushrooms
  • Black Bear Black Bear
  • Summer Wild Harvest Summer Wild Harvest
  • Wildharvested Boreal Pestle Wildharvested Boreal Pestle
  • Wild Prairie Rose Wild Prairie Rose
  • Wild Harvested Dandelion Greens Wild Harvested Dandelion Greens
  • Pinewood King Bolete Pinewood King Bolete
  • Fresh Birch Leaves Fresh Birch Leaves
  • Flora Of The Torch River Provincial Forest Flora Of The Torch River Provincial Forest
  • Heart Shaped Seed Of Highbush Cranberries Heart Shaped Seed Of Highbush Cranberries
  • Salt Spring Sea Salt Salt Spring Sea Salt
  • Black Burn Morels Black Burn Morels
  • Road North Of Love Road North Of Love
  • Wildharvested Tisanes Wildharvested Tisanes
  • Wild Chokecherries Wild Chokecherries
  • Saskatchewan Maple Syrup Saskatchewan Maple Syrup
  • Wild Harvested Stinging Nettle Tisane Wild Harvested Stinging Nettle Tisane
  • Pine Pollen Pine Pollen
  • Our Spore Print Calendar Our Spore Print Calendar
  • Wild Harvested Fir Tips Wild Harvested Fir Tips
  • Honey Mushroom Honey Mushroom
  • Wild Harvested Raspberry Leaves Wild Harvested Raspberry Leaves
  • Delicious Milkcap Delicious Milkcap
  • Wild Meadow Mushrooms Wild Meadow Mushrooms
  • We Love Saskatchewan Morels We Love Saskatchewan Morels
  • The Torch River The Torch River
  • Sheep Polypore Sheep Polypore
  • Saskatchewan Barn Wood Tile Saskatchewan Barn Wood Tile
  • Wild Dandelion Leaf Tisane Wild Dandelion Leaf Tisane
  • Matsutake Matsutake
  • Saskatchewan Chanterelles Saskatchewan Chanterelles
  • Saskatchewan Gold Nuggets Saskatchewan Gold Nuggets
  • Spring Has Sprung Spring Has Sprung
  • Wild Prairie Rose Petal Tisane Wild Prairie Rose Petal Tisane
  • Chaga Mushroom Chunks Chaga Mushroom Chunks
  • Saskatchewan Birch Syrup Saskatchewan Birch Syrup
  • Elderflower Syrup Elderflower Syrup
  • Diamond Willow Fungus Diamond Willow Fungus
  • Gray Morels Gray Morels
  • Winter Wild Harvest Winter Wild Harvest
  • Parasol Parasol
  • Saskatchewan Wild Rice Saskatchewan Wild Rice
  • Magnificent Northern Saskatchewan Magnificent Northern Saskatchewan
  • Black Bear Rushing Off Black Bear Rushing Off
  • Labrador Tea Blooming Labrador Tea Blooming
  • Cattail Hearts Cattail Hearts
  • Wild Pin Cherries Wild Pin Cherries
  • Torch River Provincial Forest Torch River Provincial Forest
  • We Love Saskatchewan Fiddleheads We Love Saskatchewan Fiddleheads
  • Early Winter In Saskatchewan Early Winter In Saskatchewan
  • Wild Blueberries Wild Blueberries
  • Spruce Tips Spruce Tips
  • Wild Rosehip Tisane Wild Rosehip Tisane
  • Balsam Poplar Buds Balsam Poplar Buds
  • The Spirit Morel The Spirit Morel
  • Diamond Willow Detail Diamond Willow Detail
  • Walden Walden
  • Wild Bergamot Wild Bergamot

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photos by Elisabeth Poscher

We specialize in raising consciousness. Cultivate compassion. Be human. 

Step out of the duality game. Spend time in nature. Find and trust yourself. Follow your heart.

What you seek is seeking you. - Rumi